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Accessible Cruise & Excursions Packages

By combining accessible shore excursions, our accessible cruise recommendations, and outstanding personal service, our accessible cruise packages will give you peace of mind that you know you’re getting an accessible vacation. We take care of everything from start to finish, and make sure that you know about the best-kept secrets of accessible activities in your ports of call. You’ll have more fun and better memories with an Accessible Cruise Package!
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Accessible Shore Excursions

Visits ashore are often the most exciting part of a cruise, yet many ports have few or no wheelchair accessible shore excursions available through the cruise line’s Shore Excursions desk. No worries…we have worked with local providers to create a variety of fully-accessible shore excursions. Island driving tours, visits to Mayan ruins or historical military forts, accessible scuba diving, and wheelchair accessible beach visits are just a few of the options you can choose from.
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Port Accessibility Reviews

Learn all about the pros and cons of disabled access in ports throughout the Caribbean. Using photos to explain accessibility features, John Sage has used years of experience evaluating accessibility to identify the most important aspects of accessibility that disabled visitors need to know about. These descriptions include photos taken by John Sage while traveling in his wheelchair.
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