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Aruba Shore Excursions


Accessible Aruba Tours and Cruise Excursions

Aruba Accessible shore excursions allow disabled visitors to experience and explore all the beautiful, breathtaking sites of Aruba. Whether you are looking for a relaxing day at the beach, local shopping or exploring the tropical nature and scenic views of Aruba, our accessible Aruba excursions are sure to leave you with a great memorable time of this beautiful island paradise.



Highlights of Aruba Accessible Driving Tour   start-4

Our most popular tour in Aruba!


The Highlights of Aruba Wheelchair Accessible Driving Tour is a wonderful opportunity to see and visit many of the popular and beautiful sites during your time on the captivating island of Aruba! 




start-3Accessible Aruba Beach Excursion

Full or half day options available!


The Accessible Aruba Beach Excursion is a very popular and well liked option because Aruba has some of the most beautiful beaches in Caribbean!




start-3Deluxe Accessible Aruba Shore Excursion

Private Island driving tour and beach time all in one day!

aruba-destination-2The Deluxe Accessible Aruba Shore Excursion is a popular and worry-free way for disabled travelers to visit and explore the nature and beaches of the beautiful, captivating island of Aruba!




Essential Aruba Accessible Driving Tour   start-4

Just the essentials!

The accessible 3 hour Essential Aruba Wheelchair Accessible Driving Tour gives you a great overview of the most essential sights on this beautiful island. 






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