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Freeport, Bahamas

By John Sage

Freeport Bahamas Disabled Access ReviewHome to a pier built by the cruise lines and some of the best accessible snorkeling you’ll find anywhere, Freeport Bahamas disabled access has flat terrain and wheelchair accessible vans available. 

In Freeport, the activities are spread out so you’ll need transportation to reach them (the cruise ships dock in an industrial port rather than next to a beautiful beach).

The island is flat with new construction so Freeport wheelchair access is considerably better than other hilly, cobblestone-covered islands.

I gave Freeport disabled access a 4 Star Sage Accessibility Rating because it is a flat island with wheelchair accessible van transportation.  I did not give it a higher rating because there is little sightseeing on the island that disabled or senior visitors could do from the inside of the van and there are no accessible activities/attractions within walking/rolling distance of the cruise port.


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Best Aspects of Freeport Disabled Access

One of the best islands for accessible snorkeling– An accessible dock (shown on the left) and a low-height boat (shown on the right) make snorkeling possible for disabled visitors to Freeport Bahamas.

An accessible dock Low-height boat


Accessible path to meet tour drivers – To reach tour drivers for a Freeport wheelchair accessible excursion, there is step-free access to get off the pier (shown on the left) and down to the street (shown on the right).

Step-free access to get off the pier Down to the street


Flat Island – Like Grand Turk, Key West, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, the island that Freeport is located on has no mountains or steep hills to deal with.

No old buildings or cobblestones – Development of the island started about 60 years ago with the lumber industry so you won’t find any old buildings or cobblestones (like you’ll find in San Juan).

Accessible souvenir shopping is available– Accessible shopping is available both inside the cruise port (shown on the left) and outside the port (shown on the right).  It is MUCH cheaper outside of the port…when I was looking for dresses for my wife, they were $20 outside the port and $50 inside it!



Worst Aspects of Freeport Disabled Access

Fewer attractions and activities than other ports– Unlike Key West, Nassau, San Juan, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten which have numerous accessible shore excursion options, Freeport has fewer things to do. If you’re looking for a port where you only spend a half-day onshore, this might be the one.

Freeport wheelchair access rampNo ADA, so where ramps exist they can be steep – The photograph on the right might not do it justice, but that Freeport wheelchair access ramp at the Garden of the Gods sure felt steep going up it in my wheelchair!

Ships arrive in an industrial port, so you have to have transportation to see anything – Like Costa Maya and Grand Turk, Freeport was not much of a tourist destination until cruise lines built a pier on the island.  The island has a large shipbuilding presence in their industrial port (you’re likely to see other ships getting renovated while you’re here) and the cruise pier is located close to this industrial port.  Unlike Costa Maya and Grand Turk, there are few food options and no pool or beach options so you’ll need to exit the cruise port area to have some fun!

Port Layaca bathroom accessibility – Many shops at the popular Port Layaca have wheelchair ramps to enter them.  The one bathroom that I found had steps to enter (shown on the right).



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