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Grand Turk Shore Excursions


Accessible Grand Turk Shore Excursions

Prepare yourself for a memorable time when visiting Grand Turk! With an average of 350 sunny days per year, this place is sure to be a replenishing stop during your Caribbean cruise. Besides from breathtakingly beautiful beaches and nature, friendly locals and delicious island food, Grand Turk is also known for its wild horses, donkeys and flamingos – so have your camera ready at all times! Because the island is only 7 miles long, Grand Turk does not have quite the accessibility infrastructure that other accessible Caribbean islands have, however, the flat nature of this small island makes it wheelchair-friendly enough for disabled cruisers to have a great time!


Private Accessible 3 Hour Grand Turk Shore Excursionstart-4

This memorable Private Accessible 3 Hour Grand Turk Shore Excursion gives you a unique opportunity to see the island’s highlights from your private, fully air-conditioned, wheelchair accessible van. This is an easy and comfortable way to explore Grand Turk firsthand for all people, including families, elderly and disabled visitors!




Grand Turk Accessible Tram Tour start-4

Our most popular tour in Grand Turk!

The Grand Turk Accessible Tram Tour gives you a unique opportunity to see Grand Turk from top to bottom from an open air-tram. This is a fun and different way for your family to learn about Grand Turk!




start-3Grand Turk Accessible Snorkeling Tour

“Experience the famous “wall and reef”

 On the Grand Turk Accessible Snorkeling Tour you will get to experience the famous Grand Turk “wall and reef” by accessible boat! Grand Turk is surrounded by the third-largest coral reef in the world, and its short proximity to the coastline makes it easily reachable by a short boat ride. This is a great tour for families!




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