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Accessible Swim with Dolphins and Atlantis Adventure


The Accessible Swim with Dolphins and Atlantis Adventure will be the highlight of your Caribbean vacation!

The tour will begin at the cruise dock where your experienced guide/driver will meet you in a comfortable, air conditioned accessible van.

The first stop on this accessible excursion is your scheduled accessible swim with the dolphins encounter. This is a one of a kind experience you don’t want to miss! You’ll cherish this unique chance to interact with these playful and intelligent marine mammals.

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The dolphin program opens with an entertaining orientation, which covers a dolphin’s anatomy, the history of dolphins, training techniques and other fascinating dolphin facts.

You will then have the opportunity to pet, play, hug, kiss, and swim with dolphins. Trainers, familiar with the needs of limited mobility participants, will assist you with each step of the interaction. The “can-do” attitude and patience of the carefully selected dolphin trainers make this a pleasant and exciting setting for all limited mobility participants!

Next on your accessible Nassau cruise excursion, your guide/driver will take you to the Atlantis resort for a unique experience that is sure to impress you! Atlantis boasts the largest marine showcase in the Caribbean with eight million gallons of salt water and more than 50,000 aquatic animals. You’ll have the unique opportunity to explore aquarium exhibits that are nestled in lagoons, caves, coral formations, and breathtaking underwater ruins. You’ll also have plenty of time to tour the other areas of the resort if you’d like. We will provide you with instructions on purchasing a resort day pass.

After your time at Atlantis, your accessible swim with dolphins and Atlantis adventure has come to an end and the guide/driver will take you back to the cruise ship.

Family and friends who are not taking part in the accessible dolphin program may observe from a wheelchair accessible viewing area.

Some specific dolphin encounter activities will depend on the accessibility needs of the individual. Contact us to discuss your specific accessibility needs.

The Accessible Swim with Dolphins and Atlantis Adventure includes:

  • Transportation in wheelchair accessible van
  • Accessible dolphin encounter
  • Assistance of qualified trainers
  • Access to reserved beach wheelchair
  • Sage Accessibility Guide for Atlantis
  • Optional lunch at a restaurant overlooking the beach (cost not included)
  • A one of kind opportunity

Accessible Swim with Dolphins and Atlantis Adventure excursion details:

Tour Duration: 5-8 hours.

Cost: $470 for 1 person (participating in dolphin encounter), $630 for 2 people (participating in dolphin encounter), each additional person participating in dolphin encounter is $165.

NOTE: Due the the nature of this excursion, this excursion will be non-refundable once your tickets are confirmed

* Save $50 when you book an accessible cruise + excursions package

Days of the week the tour is offered: 7 days a week.

Meeting time: one hour after ships arrival.

Meeting place: Nassau cruise dock.

Number of people on tour: 1- 6 people.

Cancellation Policy: Due the the nature of this excursion, this excursion will be non-refundable once your tickets are confirmed

Not included: Snacks / meals and gratuities. Please be advised that you may be charged a “watcher’s fee” by the venue.

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