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How does Accessible Caribbean Vacations provide me better accessible shore excursion experiences?

Accessible Caribbean Vacations offers more Caribbean accessible shore excursions than anyone else in the world. We have worked tirelessly with local providers to design excursions specifically for disabled cruisers. We can arrange 50+ accessible shore excursions across 15+ Caribbean ports!

Shore excursions provided by the cruise lines often don’t meet basic accessibility needs. In many ports, the cruise lines only use buses with steps to enter. And if they do offer an accessible excursion, it might just be a 3 hour driving tour where you don’t even get out of the bus. There are even some cruise lines don’t allow groups larger than two people to go on an accessible excursion.

Because the cruise lines pay us a commission, we’re able to offer you discounts on shore excursions! We give you a discount of $50 off each shore excursion if you book your cruise with us! (up to $150 per cruise)We only provide discounts on accessible shore excursions to clients who have booked their cruise through us. If you have already booked your cruise, some cruise lines will allow you to transfer the reservation to our name within 30-60 days of booking. Contact us and we will check if we can transfer the reservation. Otherwise it might be free to cancel and re-book.

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