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How does Accessible Caribbean Vacations save me time planning my cruise?

If you really want to plan a truly accessible cruise, the process can be exhausting. If you plan the trip yourself, you’ll need to:

  1. Research accessibility at the cruise ports to figure out which ones meet your accessibility needs (difficult to do through the internet…even with our cruise port accessibility reviews which cover many ports)
  2. Find handicap accessible cruise excursions in each port
  3. Find a cruise sailing that meets your accessibility needs, itinerary preferences, date availability, and price range
  4. Figure out which cruise cabin to book
  5. Research accessibility at your arrival airport
  6. Figure out how you are going to get from the airport into the city
  7. Find a truly accessible hotel that is centrally located
  8. Figure out what are the accessible attractions in your embarkation city
  9. Book transportation to the cruise dock.

If you plan the cruise yourself, you can count of spending 5 hours per port researching accessibility, 5 hours researching cruise itineraries and dates, and 10 hours researching accessibility of hotels, tours, and transportation in your embarkation city. On a 7 port cruise, that’s 50 hours of accessibility research. EXHAUSTING!!!Fortunately we love taking all the necessary steps to plan an accessible cruise.We can’t wait to hear that you had a great, memorable vacation!

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