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What accessibility challenges am I likely to encounter on my trip?

Depending on which destinations you choose, you might encounter different accessibility challenges:

  • Cobblestones – In old historic cities like San Juan and Key West you will likely encounter cobblestones that can make rolling a wheelchair difficult.
  • Hills – Some islands are flat and some our mountainous.  Mountainous islands include JamaicaGrenada, Puerto Rico, and others.
  • Sandy beaches without accessible paths or beach wheelchairs – Sandy beaches are a very common accessibility challenge for people vacationing in the Caribbean.  In fact only a few places have truly accessible beaches like CozumelAruba, and St. Thomas.
  • No wheelchair accessible vans available to tourists – Dominica, Grenada, Belize and Costa Maya do not have any accessible vans. In these places we can arrange a 4-door car (instead of a bus or large van) so that wheelchair users can more easily transfer into the car.
  • An entire fleet of taxis with poor accessibility – Some Caribbean islands like St. Thomas and Dominica have a taxi fleet comprising very high vehicles that are difficult to transfer into if you have mobility issues.  In these and other destinations, you may have a much better experience if you book transportation in advance.
  • Lack of wheelchair ramps on sidewalks – Jamaica, DominicaSt. Thomas are a few of the destinations where you might encounter curbs without ramps.
  • Bathrooms that are to small for a wheelchair – Examples of small, non-wheelchair accessible bathrooms can be viewed on our Cozumel and Freeport accessibility pages.
  • Disabled passengers not allowed onto cruise tenders – Smaller boats called cruise tenders are used to bring passengers ashore in many ports.  Some cruise lines will not let you board the cruise tenders depending upon your accessibility needs.  As part of our accessible cruise planning services, we discuss how your specific accessibility needs, the port you are visiting, the ship you are on, and the time of year will affect your ability to get ashore.

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