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MORE Exciting Accessible Caribbean Destinations!

Nothing makes us happier than when our clients tell us they had the trip of a lifetime… a trip they never thought was possible in the first place! While many Caribbean destinations pose different challenges to disabled travelers such as lack of accessible transportation and uneven ground, we have researched and tested several Caribbean destinations and excursions to make sure we offer YOU the very best, truly accessible experiences! 

New destinations… Same great, reliable travel services!

My team and I are always looking for new ways to make your accessible vacation even better, this includes giving you more accessible excursion options to choose from! We are excited to announce that we now offer accessible tours in the following Caribbean destinations:

  • Belize is a new staff favorite and we think you will love it too! Crystal blue ocean shorelines, lush jungle, fascinating wildlife and Mayan ruins all in one beautiful Caribbean destination! We have chosen some of the best experiences in Belize and designed unique accessible tours that are sure to leave you with great memories – and pictures of course! Interact with exotic wildlife at Belize Zoo, capture ancient Mayan ruins at Althun-Ha or how about an adventurous Cave tubing experience in the jungle?

  • Roatan is nature at its finest! Although narrow in diameter (only about 5 miles), this tropical island of Honduras has a wide variety of beautiful sites to see and experience. It has a mild climate year round, which makes it an ideal place to explore authentic wildlife up close. During your visit you will have a unique opportunity to interact with iguanas, our you can opt for our Best of Roatan Accessible Shore Excursion which combines a fun visit to a local Monkey sanctuary with a relaxing time on a beautiful accessible beach.

ACV consultant Danielle during a research visit to the Monkey Sanctuary in Roatan

Did You Know?

We currently offer more than 50 different accessible, worry-free shore excursions in the Caribbean! On our website, we have made it simple and easy for you to learn about and book our accessible Caribbean travel services. You can read my detailed port accessibility reviews based on my own experiences from visiting the Caribbean in a wheelchair, browse through our exciting accessible tours and excursions pages and learn more about our accessible Caribbean cruises

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