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Top 8 Accessible Activities onboard Caribbean Cruise Ships
Today I’ll continue with my three-part Top Accessible Caribbean Experiences series. First I shared with you the Top Accessible Land Activities in the Caribbean.  Next I moved offshore and into the water with my  Top 6 Accessible Water Activities in the Caribbean.  This time, we board the cruise ship and show you just how exciting transportation between travel destinations can be when your ship is a destination on its own!  With a sea of vacation activities onboard, here are my  Top 8 Accessible Activities Onboard Caribbean Cruise Ships.

Top 8 Accessible Activities onboard Caribbean Cruise Ships

1.  Experience Broadway shows right outside your stateroom – 

Saturday Night Fever on a Monday, or Chicago on a Wednesday. Why not both? While onboard your cruise ship almost anything is possible and available to you! Take advantage of the broad variety of entertainment offered at sea, including live performances of some of the best Broadway hit musicals. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: One of the biggest differences in ship accessibility that I have seen is in the theatres. Some ships provide multiple accessible seating options for you to choose from while others restrict you to the last row.  Some have moveable chairs so that a wheelchair user or scooter user can sit with their entire family (shown below on the left), while others have fixed seats that only allow you to sit with one other person (shown below on the right).  If you want to be able to sit close to the action or with your family, be sure to check accessibility before you book your cruise.


2. Immerse yourself in a relaxing spa experience – Whether you want to live and breathe the spa life during your Caribbean cruise, or just want a peaceful place to relax for a few hours in between your Accessible Shore Excursions, a Spa experience onboard is a great way to unwind and renew mind, body and spirit. Most Caribbean cruise ships invite you to indulge in a full range of Spa treatments, including body and facial treatments, steam and sauna facilities and hair and nail services in state-of-the art facilities.  

3. Soak in the hot tub – Your disability will not prevent you from taking advantage of the amenities on board your cruise ship. On many (but not all) Caribbean cruise ships, lifts for the pools and hot tubs have been installed to ensure easy access for disabled cruise passengers. Below is a video of me getting into the hot tub using the lift on the Celebrity Constellation cruise ship.

4. Enjoy a delicious breakfast while overlooking the ocean –

With all the onboard activities and shore excursions on your program, do not forget to start your day off right with a delicious ocean-view breakfast! Enjoy a tasteful breakfast on the deck while listening to the beautiful sound of waves and savoring views of an endless blue sea.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most cruise ships have a limited number of accessible balcony cabins and you need to book them early.  Some of the balconies have easy-to-operate ramps and doors onto the balconies while others may require the assistance of an able-bodied companion.  On one of my cruises last year, the poorly-designed balcony door opened while I was away and the wind pressure completely prevented me from re-entering my cabin that night.  Be sure to check the design of the balcony entrance before booking your cruise cabin.

5. Movies with a backdrop of the open sky – You might not go on a cruise with the goal of watching a bunch of movies; however, watching a movie under the stars is an experience you don’t want to miss! Both recent and classic films are shown on giant outdoor movie screens onboard. Just sit back and relax under the stars on a beautiful tropical night. 

6. Hit the links – Whether you are looking to refine your game or play for fun with your family and friends, onboard mini-golfing is a great activity for big and small. On some ships, the mini-golf courses have ramps to reach all holes (example on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas shown below) while other ships require you ascending a flight of stairs to reach the course.

Go golfing on a course unlike any other you have ever seen. Waves, Windmills, Whales… and a green that overlooks the sea! This is a (w)hole-in-one experience!


7. Get your gamble on – Poker, Blackjack or Slots… Why not try your luck at an onboard casino during your Caribbean cruise? Have a little bit of Vegas, a little bit of Monte Carlo and a whole lot of fun when visiting the casino. There are usually several tournaments available and lots of prizes to win! On most cruise ships, the tables are similar heights….low height for poker; medium height for blackjack, roulette, and slots; and a little high for craps. Depending on the height of your wheelchair or mobility scooter, some craps tables may be difficult to reach.

8. Vacation with Shrek or Mickey Mouse? –  When riding the big waves of the Caribbean ocean, you and your family have a chance to hang out with some of the greatest cartoon characters of all time. Innovative family-focused entertainment programs give your family the opportunity to interact with characters such as Shrek or Mickey Mouse. Watch colorful character parades, movies and shows or participate in animation-themed games and adventures. Guaranteed family fun for all!

Did You Know?

Most Caribbean cruise ships are accessible and so are many of the activities onboard. On the ships, corridors are wide enough to accommodate 180 degree turns for most wheelchairs, most decks are accessible through automatic doors (depending on the ship), and public rooms feature entrances with gradual inclines. The Caribbean cruise lines usually have accessible cabins available so make sure to book far in advance to reserve yours!

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