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Top 8 Accessible Land Activities in the Caribbean

We listened when our clients asked us if we could help them plan accessible vacations in the Caribbean.  After extensive Caribbean accessibility research, we are now able to provide you with the same level of high-quality accessible experiences that we’ve been doing for years in Europe! 

In order to avoid getting lost in the shuffle of the 900 pages on the Sage Traveling website, we have launched an entirely new website,

Our Caribbean services are based on the same values we have used for years:

Reliability – We know that you need reliable accessibility to have a stress-free vacation experience. Consequently we conducted first-hand accessibility inspections across 15 Caribbean islands. Our Caribbean services match the reliability of our European services that you’re used to.

Convenience – One of the main reasons that I started Sage Traveling was to offer travelers an alternative to the 40+ hours I spent researching and planning one of my own trips.  In the Caribbean, one of our accessible travel consultants will be a single point of contact to plan all aspects of your trip thereby saving you a ton of time!

Exclusive Experiences – Vacationing is about so much more than being there…it’s about having a great time every day of your trip!  We have teamed with local partners to design accessible cruise excursions that provide you lifelong vacation memories!

Here are a few examples of the top accessible land activities you can choose from (I’ll list the top accessible water activities next month):

1. Explore accessible Mayan ruins – Centuries before Columbus landed in North America, Mayans were building towns and temples.  Accessibility challenges exist, but we can advise which Mayan ruins meet your accessibility needs.

Accessible Mayan Ruins
Visiting accessible Mayan ruins is possible in the Caribbean  

2. Explore historical forts and plantations – The competition for colonialism is preserved in fortifications built hundreds of years ago.  Some forts, including those in San Juan, can be visited in a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

3. Learn about pirates & shipwrecks – The shipwreck museums in  Grand Turk are accessible for many disabled visitors.  You can view shipwreck artifacts that were lost for hundreds of years!

4. View breathtaking scenery – If you have any interest in seeing mountains, jungle, or waterfalls, you can view all of them in islands like Jamaica, Grenada, and Dominica.

5. Make friends with wildlife – No accessible vacation in the Caribbean is complete without some wildlife. Monkeys, iguanas, and sea turtles are just a few of the types of wildlife that disabled travelers can expect to see in the Caribbean.

Making friends with sea turtles
Why not make friends with a sea turtle during your vacation?  

6. Sample multiple cultures & cuisines – Different islands have different heritages including British, Spanish, and Jamaican.  You can experience all of these on a single vacation!

7. Shop duty-free – Whether you’re looking for tropical souvenirs or discounts on jewelry, we’ll tell you which islands on your itinerary are the best options for accessible shopping.

8. Lunch with an ocean-front view – Are you wanting to skip sightseeing and just relax?  We’ll let you know where are the best options for unwinding at an accessible restaurant overlooking the ocean.

Accessible lunch views
Lunch is better when you’re overlooking tropical waters!  

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  Next Month:  Part 2 – Top Accessible Water Activities  

Travel Wisely, John Sage, Founder and President of Accessible Caribbean Vacations

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