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The Top 6 Accessible Water Activities in the Caribbean

Last month I described the Top Accessible Land Activities in the Caribbean. This month we’re moving offshore and into the water to describe the Top 6 Accessible Water Activities in the Caribbean!

Swimming with the dolphins, scuba diving, and wheelchair accessible beaches are just a few of the items that can make agood vacation become a great vacation. Here are a few of my top recommendations in the Caribbean:

1. Swim with Dolphins – One of the most iconic and exhilarating water activities in the Caribbean is swimming with the dolphins …and disabled travelers don’t have to miss out! When choosing between locations, you will want to find a place that is easy to get into the water and has staff willing and eager to accommodate disabled guests.

Swimming with the dolphins is an experience you'll remember forever!

Swimming with the dolphins is an experience you’ll remember forever!

2. Swim with Sting Rays – While you might want to cuddle with the dolphins, the sting rays will elicit an entirely different reaction!  Don’t worry, the sting rays in Grand Cayman are totally safe. Getting in and out of the water can be challenging but is possible for some travelers with mobility issues.

3. Snorkeling & Scuba Diving – To get up close with fish and coral, disabled travelers have a few options to make their experience more enjoyable.  Introduction to Scuba classes include an accompanying instructor and don’t require hours and hours of training.  Snorkeling can be made easier with the use of an underwater propeller or a life jacket.  The cheapest accessory (and one that I particularly love) is a pair of webbed gloves.  Check out how easy it the gloves make swimming!!

Webbed gloves make it easy for paraplegics to snorkel

4. Cave Tubing – Many countries have caves, and many countries have tubing.  Belize is the only one that has cave tubing.  There are some significant accessibility challenges to participate, but some adjustments can be made to overcome them.  Contact us to discuss your abilities and we can plan it.

Accessible cave tubing in Belize

Photo of accessible cave tubing that I did in Belize last month

5. Glass Bottom Boats – Don’t want to get into the water but still want to see the sea life?  Glass bottom boats allow you to do just that.  Some glass bottom boats require climbing down a ladder to the viewing platform while others can be viewed by someone staying in their own wheelchair.

6. Relax on an Accessible Beach – On many vacations, you’ll want a few days to relax…and what a better place to do it than on a beach overlooking blue waters!  In order to make it an accessible experience, disabled travelers will need one of a few accommodations…reserving a beach wheelchair, a wooden walkway through the sand, and/or a narrow beach that has short distances to reach the water.

Beach wheelchairs can help overcome sand challenges

Beach wheelchairs can help overcome sand challenges

Participation in each of these Top 6 Accessible Water Activities in the Caribbean will depend upon several factors:

  • The type of mobility equipment that you use (electric wheelchair, manual wheelchair, mobility scooter, walker, etc…)
  • Your weight and the weight of your equipment
  • Your abilities and the abilities of your other travel companions to assist getting into a boat, pushing a beach wheelchair, etc…
  • Your willingness to try something new!

Our Accessible Travel Consultants can pair you with the right Caribbean destinations that meet your abilities so you can enjoy these accessible water activities.

Contact us and we can get started planning your awesome vacation!

Next month: Part 3 – Top Accessible Activities Onboard Caribbean Cruise Ships


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